An idea that stemmed from passion

The idea for the project

Since my Audio Rack needed changing, I started looking around for a worthy replacement. Seeing that nothing satisfied my research criteria, neither from an aesthetic point of view, nor as far as the technical features were concerned, I decided to design one myself, thereby making the most of my expertise as a mechanical designer.

The first things I asked myself were: "What is the best material to place under each piece of acoustic equipment?" and "Will the chosen material be ideal for all the audio gear?".
It is common knowledge that all audio equipment creates micro vibrations and a wood base can thus be suitable for one particular piece, but less so for another.

My idea, therefore, was to create a top-quality birch plywood shelf.
I chose plywood and not MDF because I wanted to leave this premium wood looking natural, finished with nothing but a light coat of clear varnish. Last, but not least, I chose plywood, as it is more durable than classic MDF.
Next, I worked on this material with a CNC milling machine, in order to create a hollow - almost like a tray - on one side. This hollow was then suitable for storing the various materials which work with any type of audio equipment.
If you turn the shelf upside down, you are left with a smooth plywood surface, which is perfect for those wanting to use the shelf without inserting the tuning plate. The tray-like shelf was thus patented in this way.

The tuning plate can be made with a myriad of types of materials. However, I chose and tested 6 or 7: these materials have all contributed to the creation of a substantial variation in the sound of the audio gear placed on it. The chosen materials, thanks to their excellent technical and mechanical features, are: Absolute Black Granite, Sandstone, Okoumé, Plexy and some others which are still being tested.
Furthermore, a very thin layer of "foam" has been inserted between the shelf and the tuning plate in order to even further reduce the vibrations to the whole rack.

Such focused attention to detail means that the sound of every component will perform at its very best. The rack can be made higher by stacking more shelves, or wider by placing several modules side by side: this is the really great thing about our product, the fact that it can adapt to the needs of each individual user.
According to the number of shelves, each rack will be supplied with the same number of interchangeable tuning plates.
The round-shaped rack spacers are in 40mm stainless steel.

When required, the shelves may vary in height to satisfy customers' needs.
It goes without saying that the piece of furniture itself does not play, but it ensures the audio gear placed on top of it performs to its utmost.

Made in Italy